Creativity is my favorite mode of travel, an open-ended journey.  I don’t need much when I am in my studio, except materials to produce lines, shapes, colors.

Once the paint cans are open, my mind is free to discover and explore.

The figure has always been dominant in my years of making art. What inspires me are the physical gestures and emotions of people. Through many years of figure drawing, people watching, a massage therapist career and interacting in life in a physical way, I have developed an intuitive feel for the human form.

I am not a detail oriented person.  When I start a painting I prefer loose and gestural brush strokes, layering warms and cools, lights and darks, and random lines, applying and erasing, dripping and slopping.

I dance around the canvas.

At some point the figure or figures on the canvas require the dance to slow down, and this is when I simplify. I slow down, and think more.  I anchor the painting with the use of darks. I turn the painting upside down to lose the subject and paint more abstractly. I go back to the roots of composition and color theory.

I prefer to leave a painting just a bit unfinished rather than over worked. This allows the viewers to enter into the painting with their own stories.

Having lived in California my entire life, I am influenced by the California colors, golden hills, and clear blue skies, swimsuits and swimming pools.